Thunder Bay Police Youth Corps

Wednesday, Feb. 07, 2024
Regular Corps Meeting
Moose Hall 7-9

(Full Uniform)


Dear Parent/Guardian:            December 13, 2023

The Thunder Bay Police Youth Corps has decided to replace the old corps pants for new ones for your Cadet.

When your Cadet receives their new pants, t he pants will be too long.  We ask that you please have them hemmed at The Sewing Shop , there will be no charge to you for the hemming. 

The address for the Sewing Shop is   244 Bay St.   We ask the cadets to bring the pants in and try them on there with their boots on so the seamstress can properly assess where the hem should be.  
We ask that the extra length of the pant is not cut off when hemmed, so the pants can be let down as your Cadet grows or for other Cadets to use.

We are requesting that their pants are hemmed by Wednesday February 7 th , 2024 where their uniforms will be inspected at their regular corps meeting at the Moose Hall.

Uniform Upkeep:

All the pants, shirts and sweaters are machine washable in cold water.  If the pants and sweaters are turned inside out to wash they retain their dark rich color longer.  A sharp crease is expected in the pants.  Pants should be pressed using a hot iron over a damp cloth.  The damp cloth helps to set the crease and helps prevent the shine (a must!!).  It also prevents the pants from melting from the hot iron (yes, it has happened.)  

We ask for cooperation from the Cadets and their families in regularly checking for and repairing missing buttons, broken shoelaces, falling down hems etc. in order to keep our Corps looking their best. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  


Ian West
Commanding Officer

In Loving Memory

Dick Waddington
Founder/Board member
Thunder Bay Police Youth Corps

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The Thunder Bay Police Youth Corps
meets every Wednesday
(September to May)
at the Moose Hall, 434 Fort William Road,
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.






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